Sometimes our head is as busy as this lamp. Work, family, friends, problems ... a hive of ideas that stir our neurons and occasionally cause some other headache. But in spite of the fact that its form could inspire us with this idea, its creator did not look for it at all. Cedric Ragot was inspired by the legend of the flight Oceanic 815. Looking for information we have discovered that this was a flight that left Australia for Los Angeles and that crashed on the road on an island in Australia. It is the story on which the series has been based Lost (Lost) that in Spain broadcasts TVE.

flight-815-3To this day it is still a mystery how the accident happened, why it veered off course and how it got to that place. The stories of the survivors also do not help to clarify the facts. In all this racket of comings and goings, wrong directions, losses and unfinished stories this lamp is based.

The downside is that there has only been a limited series of six lamps and its price is certainly not very affordable.

Further information: Cedric Ragot

Vía: Yanko Design