The electric washing machines have days counted, or not? The designer Shang-Che Wu has created this curious washing machine that encourages us to save energy because it does not waste an iota, at least of electrical energy but of our own vital energy.

As we can see in the image, there are no cables, but there is a small pedal in the front, a pedal that should be pushed if we want to make it work. When pushing, a bi-directional rotating mechanism is activated, that is, it moves in two directions, so that we can wash clothes in two different levels, heights or sections, as we want to call it.

They say that water and time are saved, the first option is indisputable since we only introduce a load, but the truth is that to do an intense wash and from which a clean clothes is obtained we would have to have a good time giving the pedal, although in fact we can not know it because it does not give many more clues about its operation.

Vía: Yanko Design