At this moment I remember the feeling of disorientation I had when I left the Institute; It was very intense and filled me with emotion, fear and many expectations. In any case, I was at an important crossroads and I had to get the best possible release. What I did was decide to start, without being very clear about what I wanted but it could be a way. I made a big change in my life just by focusing on something I wanted to learn; themes of art, design, history and a little math.

Right now, when so many things have already happened and that kind of sensations are becoming less and less usual, the project of remodeling my house, the space where I now live a more tranquil and safe, less exciting life, fills me with joy, because I know It will be beautiful. I have thought of buying a wooden table of good dimensions, of good weight and tone for the dining room, and replace the one I have, which does not have much character. Then I will get the chairs.


There is a table that I like. The WOOD table designed by Maarten van Severen for the manufacturer VITRA is what I want. The table is the simplest form of what can be understood by table, balanced, proportionate and simple. The wood is solid oak and thanks to the good assembly and hardness of the material, the stability is perfect despite being light. A simple lacquer finish gives it shine. A very good piece to keep and a very good start for the dining room. More information on the Website