We value aesthetics in each of its expressions. We enjoy cinema, music, literature and all its characteristics; We are sensitive to the messages they transmit to us and we like them when they represent comfort and pleasure for us. Since boys we have enjoyed the appreciation of art; initially as stunned spectators, surprised by a new and unknown universe, and then as faithful followers of our favorite expressions: photos, paintings, presentations, readings, literature. It is impossible that in our house our predilection for a certain aesthetic, for a specific color palette and for a special and unique way of arranging furniture, objects and lighting is notorious. Our selection of accessories and accessories are our curatorial work and this collection always has a very special piece.

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If we are looking for a luxury item that allows us to give a definitive stamp to the collection collection of objects that we have at home, the TUBOMI chair will be the crowning work that will show our excellent criteria and selection power. The exquisite piece was made with the desire to represent the future in its most ideal form: nature in dialogue with ergonomics and beauty. The chair is characterized by its particular organic shape, its intense color and the comfort it offers to users. The warmth and style of the chair can be purchased on the website www.leif-designpark.com