We are in full Carnival, although in truth, ends tomorrow with the Burial of the Sardine, but 2.0 Decoration we also wanted to remember this party and we have found a decorative piece that in a way also dresses in carnival.

Is Change it, a wall that changes color, there is a name because "change" is "change" in English. Each of the colored squares that we see is a prism with a triangular base. Each one of them has a white face, a black face and a third one of color, with which we can rotate them and make different compositions. All white, all black, full color, striped, with letters, half and half ......

It is designed by Amirkham Abdurakhamnov, and comments that in a future version will incorporate different materials and even light. One more characteristic for this chameleonic and carnivalesque wall.

Vía: Is-Arquitectura