I am myopic, I use contact lenses and I leave the contact lenses only for privacy. During the whole summer I had a terrible time because it gave me a kind of conjunctivitis that did not allow me to use contact lenses and that made me intolerant to light, and I've never bothered to graduate sunglasses and then I wore my glasses "To see" under the dark, and well, it was pathetic. From those days my eyes go from bad to worse. The ophthalmologist has told me that it is also that they age like the rest of the body, and of course, we have to take care of them more and more. In the meantime, she predicted the absence of tears.

Yesterday I was driving home after a day of work outside the city, and I began to feel that I could not stand the contact lenses anymore, and no matter how much I squeezed my eyes, I could not moisten them with a drop of tears. When I got home I saw that the right eye was completely irritated. I removed my contact lenses, washed them with serum, applied artificial tears and went to sleep. This morning is still red, the eyelid swollen, it hurts and on top of it I can not stand the light.

wooden persiana

In line with this, I realized how important it is to sift the light in the house. I have always chosen extremely bright houses to live in, without thinking that the sun, when it enters through a window, eats the color of the curtains, the wood, and in summer heats things too much. I did not care. However today, I have a complicated day and I'm struggling to write this post, I wanted to have something that softens the light of my home.

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Of all that I have thought, and intended to look on the internet, I have chosen wooden venetian blinds. Warm, durable, eligible in different shades (oak, walnut, or painted in color, up to 27 colors), elegant, beautiful and timeless. You can choose from different brands and prices, and some people even make them to measure. To me, the ones I liked the most are the ones from Gradulux, which can be purchased in the majority of floor and wall storerooms.
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