If you have children at home you know the importance of creating play areas specially designed for it. In addition, so that disorder and disaster do not reign, it is necessary to introduce these work zones in a subtle way in the rest of the decoration and achieve a harmony. It is not an easy task, but neither is it impossible ...

Today I bring you one idea, a simple idea that will help you create a playground to the little ones and also you will not have to renounce space, comfort or order ...
It is about creating a funny house, a refuge in which the little ones of the house will be happy to play and have fun. For this the only thing you need is a table, some scraps of fabric and a little skill with sewing. The result is this:

house for children
Via: Notonthehighstreet

Do not you think it's ideal?

Well, as you can see in the image all you have to do is cut some scraps of fabric with the size of the sides of the table and hang them from it. Do not forget to design some doors and windows to simulate so it is a house. Just under the table, place a mat to protect children from the cold ground and some cushions to make your shelter even more comfortable and cozy.

This is an idea that you can put into practice in any room of the house: in your own room, in the patio or garden, in the living room ... And, the best thing is that, dismantling this original little house is really simple, you will only need to pick up the fabrics and keep the mattress and cushions.

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I assure you that the little ones will love it, do you dare to surprise your child by putting this idea into practice?