There is no doubt that our house is a small kingdom, governed by a king and queen, with princes, princesses, counts, viscounts, duchesses, companions, maids, waiters, gardeners, service personnel and even baker, all represented by our husband, our children, ourselves and our extended family and friends. We went from being queens to maids in a matter of minutes. We clean our palace and we also govern it, between monarchy and democracy, from Monday to Sunday. The main figure of this environment is the king, who works from Monday to Saturday with the court and is responsible for maintaining finances and order in this small state. Towards him we must show respect and consideration; let's start offering it right now by giving it a real throne.

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The throne that our king deserves has already been designed by the Japanese house LEIF.DESIGNPARK and is called HUG LOUNGE SOFA. It is an armchair whose main objective is to give the greatest feeling of well-being and comfort possible, exactly what he deserves. The comfort offered is based mainly on the ultra soft and fluffy cushions that not only in the place of sitting but in the arms and the back has; It feels like a big hug, that you and your guys would give him all his life. Or at least every time you sit down to rest. More information on the Website