As a child I always wanted to have a themed bed, specifically as a princess. It is not uncommon since all girls as a rule want to have it. The boys used to dream of a bed shaped like a car, but until now I had not seen any in the shape of a dinosarian. In the shape of a dinosaur head, to be more exact.

dinosaur bed

As we see in the image, the bed would be inside the mouth of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the mattress would be the tongue. On the wall we see how a drawing completes the body to create a sense of continuity.

dinosaur bed2

It is very original, but I can not imagine the fright that a person can take who enters the room without knowing what he is going to find. I would turn around and run and after a few meters I would come to my senses, or so I think.

dinosaur bed3

Vía: Freshome