If you are a lover of reciclajand the reuse, this idea will love you ...

The object or objects to be recycled are bags. We all have a bag at home that we no longer use because it is somewhat damaged or because it has simply been a bit outdated ... If you give that old bag a second chance, it can become a perfect complement, in an ideal planter.


Spectacular, right?

Well, it's as simple and simple as you see in the image ... It's just about convert your bags in original planters and for this the only thing that you have to do is to introduce your plants in them.

To achieve an original result, you must consider the presentation. It is very important and decisively influences the final result of the combination, you must look for the contrast, play with the textures and the colors ... In this way, looking for visual interest, you can achieve an original, striking, charming presentation. And, I assure you, that your new flowerpots will not go unnoticed; What's more, they will become the target of all eyes.

If you are good at sewing and you have some scraps of fabric at home that you do not know what to do, you can also choose to put this idea into practice. If you make several bags of different design but that share the same fabric, the result will be ideal.

Use your old bag for it or decide to make it ... Get to work that in Spring your flowers have to look radiant.

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  1. Curious where there are, that without a doubt. But as it rains, I think it can get a little messed up;) Maybe I like more for the inside. In strategic places and very illuminated sure they are great! Thanks for the idea!! A greeting! :)

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