Share 2 6 to November is being held in La Casa Encendida (Madrid) el Urban TV 2009, the VII International Television Festival on Life and Urban Ecologies. In this festival a series of documentaries will be screened in which another way of living is shown, closer to the ecology and use of resources.

In short, the aim is to promote the use of television and its communication possibilities as a tool to change the world, using it as a means for environmental education and to encourage the work of young producers and filmmakers in this field.

And you will ask why I tell you all this and that it has to do with decoration, it is very simple. This ecology of life is also reflected in the decoration and this is demonstrated in some of the short films and documentaries presented in the 335 productions of 41 different countries. The documentary «The House of Chan» it is a sign of it. Chan lives since his childhood in Hong Kong is a floor of 32 square meters, here the saving of space and use of resources is essential, what is not used is not.

More information: La Casa Encendida

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