Urbis It goes a step further in the functional decoration and offers a concept that until now we had not seen. It is an auxiliary table or coffee table with a hidden chaise lounge. Where? You will discover it as soon as you see the image.

Of contemporary design perhaps with pop touches, for the color and the aesthetics of its details, Urbis hides as a simple table, but when one of its pieces unfolds we can see that it can also be a comfortable chaise longue in which to sit and have everything to hand. A good refreshment, a magazine or our favorite book. When you do not need it, the chaise longue module is put back and no one has heard anything.

The five extractable aluminum containers can be used as a vase, bucket or bowl for snack and potatoes, for what we want since we can then remove them easily and clean them. It serves both indoor and outdoor.

More information: Baitadesign

Via: Hometone