For all those who wish renew some of his lamps, today we offer you this magnificent solution. Using ribbon or a ribbon we will choose the color that best matches our environments and we will give that decorative touch for the renewal of our lamp.

renovation of lamps

The materials what we will need are:

  • Basic lamp screen
  • Ribbon or ribbon of the chosen color
  • Centimeter
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

The first thing is to measure the length or length of the lamp, then cut the ribbon or líston, of the chosen color, in strips of the same length of the lamp that we are going to renew. Then we will measure the diameter of the upper and lower aperture of the screen, of the lamp.

Then divide each number obtained by the number of times you want to apply the selected design, in this case a zigzag around the screen of the luminaire.

Now we mark with a pencil the distance in which we will stick each vertex or tip of the tape or ribbon, according to the calculation we have made. Then, with the help of the glue gun, we adhere the ribbons making a diagonal zigzag design. We let it dry very well and then we put the screen in its place.

We can now locate the luminaire in our favorite corner. Remember that you can make the design that you like the most!