Created by the designer Ian Bach, Vaka It is a revolutionary system for the lighting of homes that allows to illuminate any corner in the most subtle, soft and romantic way without the need for cables. It can be strange that a light does not need to connect to electricity to work, but it is like that.

They are portable lights with a built-in battery that you can use anywhere, it is only necessary to load it previously in a wooden tree that is a piece of decoration by itself, and once loaded you can place it anywhere you want to illuminate.

They are made of silicone, which can be tightened with total security at the time of tightening and loosening, and siregula the intensity of light if we rotate the fabric base. The truth is that I think it's a very interesting idea because it uses less energy and we do not need to have any nearby sockets to illuminate the room, something important for a dinner in the garden.

Via: The Design blog