Do you love candles? Do not know how to perform openwork candles? If you want learn to make them keep reading.

The candlesticks are undoubtedly beautiful pieces for interior decoration. If you are looking for something different to decorate "that" corner, the materials What you will need to manufacture this type of candle will be:

- 1 of each color of paraffin sheets of different colors
- 10 Pabilos
- 1 Circle cutter
- 1 Rule
- 1 Cutter

The first step will be cut rectangles in the paraffin plates, they will all be the same size and different colors. We can choose the ones that we like the most.
Now with the help of the cutting we will do circles on each plate. We will try that the circles do not coincide with the ironing of the plates.
Then we will join the plates two by two and the wicks will be placed on the sides. To join the plates we will use a external heat source, thus they will join and bend a little. And we have our first candle set.
To make a center, just do some candles of different colors and sizes, then we will group them and place them in the corner that we like the most.