If you are looking for a charming detail for the decoration of your table, today we show you how to make these beautiful candles made of sand. Beautiful candles with which to decorate the corner of our home we want.

We do not need to stick to the colors we see in the image, we can always use the colors that we like the most. The materials that we will need to make this craft will be glasses or some small glasses -the number will depend on the number of centers that we want to make the dimensions of the table where we want to place it ... etc- Sand of different colors, that we can buy in large surfaces and in specific craft stores-

We will also need some small candles, as many as we want. Small containers or glass carriers And finally a funnel to introduce the sand into the glasses, candle holders, vases or glass cups.

The versatility of this craft meets our tastes. We can change from the color of the sand to the style, shape or color of the containers. Inside the containers it is important to choose them transparent or viselated so that the shape of the colored sand can be seen.

To start first we introduce a first layer of sand in the chosen jar, in this case it is red. Then on this layer we will place the candle and then on it we will be throwing layers of sand of different colors. You can make the combination that you like the most.

To correctly place each layer we will use the funnel and we will introduce each color sand making circular movements. We will sand until we reach the edge of the chosen container.

Whenever you have sand of a single color you can dye it with the same technique that dyes the salt. As you can see it is a beautiful craft that we can make in a short time with really attractive results.