Now that the heat starts to tighten, it is time to put our homes in order to isolate it as much as possible from the sun's rays and also from the annoying insects that appear with the arrival of good weather. To make this process simpler and cheaper, the company Velux launches its Sunny Days promotion again, for which you will return the VAT amount of the purchases you make.

This promotion is active since last June's 1 day and will last until next July 31, and the products that are covered by this interesting promotion are its curtains, mosquito nets and awnings, elements that in addition to making life more comfortable, allow us to use it as decorative accessories.

To participate in this promotion, once we have acquired any of the products that are within the promotion, we will have to register on the web page filling all the fields with our personal data. Once this step is done, the following will be send a copy of the purchase invoice along with the original codes of the products that we will find in the packages before the 31 of August of this year. If everything is correct, we will receive a transfer for the amount of VAT corresponding to the products purchased.

Velux products are characterized by their innovative mounting system Pick & Click, a system that allows everyone to install them without having to do tedious works.

It also helps us reduce solar radiation, achieving cooler environments without the need to use air conditioning. In this way, its external awnings reduce up to 90% these radiations, allowing external visibility even with the awning in use.

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Thanks to the promotion Sunny Days by Velux, having a house isolated from solar radiation is much easier and cheaper.