We have already left you some interesting ideas to decorate with certain colors, because color is essential at the time of decoration. And color can transmit "good vibes" joy, calm, relax, because it has those qualities. And today we want to tell you about the advantages of decorating with blue. The color is practical because it has many varied shades and is always well used when it comes to many environments.

But the blue and with all its properties does not work in the same way in the tonalities that it has, for that reason it is necessary to know what tones go well for what environment and thus take advantage of all the Advantages decorate with blue. Concentrating on the blue for the home, the shades of slightly dark or matte blue come well for the library or the study where you usually read or spend time watching television because they are very relaxing blue tones.

As for those areas where we want to feel more enthusiastic as the kitchen for example, the strongest tones of blue are great. Because they concentrate more energy and feel anyone motivated to action. It is also used on the walls of the bathroom and in the children's room because they motivate the movement and you can always feel more animated with an intense blue than with a matte.

It is vital that you bear in mind that only blue may not be especially favorable, it must be combined with other shades such as yellow or green, and thus balance it. White is recommended when blue is used in the bedroom or matt blue and deep blue in flirtatious contrast because it transmits the energy you need every day and the relaxation you expect when you go to sleep. Today we give you some flirty ideas to take advantage of the blue, from the web of Martha Stewart.

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