Painting the house is a convenient way to decorate and then renew, because you only have to apply the color. But you can also decorate with wallpaper. Nowadays there are a lot of options to choose from, themes and colors, qualities and styles, although it must be said, it is not so frequent and to use wallpaper, it is still an option. You have to think that well used and Quality can last a long time and in good condition.

Among the advantages of decorating with patterned wallpaper, is that there are a variety of styles that you can take advantage of depending on the home environment, no need to concentrate on uniforming the whole home, matching the colors in a general way, you can choose flowers for the girls room and stripes for the master bedroom , according to your taste, you can use the same design with different colors without losing its appeal.

Another Advantages of decorating with wallpaper, is that if you choose a quality paper and you make an expense so that it is placed by expert, it will be perfect and last longer. You must take into account when choosing that it is paper that resists the humidity, that it is cleaned easily, that it is applied on areas totally optimal, that is, free of termites and others that can eventually ruin it. Some of the sellers of wallpaper usually give for an additional cost, maintenance to the same one, to give it a once a year a retouching is cheaper than to change everything.

Choose a wallpaper that resists novelties, that is if you choose one that is "in fashion" because that fashion can happen and you'll be tired of it before you finish paying the renovation, choose reasons that always work like stripes, flowers, small geometric details and remember that if you take care of it well it will last until you want.

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