When we are facing a space painted with blue, even without perceiving it, we can feel slightly relaxed, this is an effect recognized by the great sets, of the blue on the mood. Decorate with blue It is one of the most used resources in decoration, because blue has so many shades that allow to transmit so many sensations. In this aspect, it is vital to know what blue to use to decorate each space, because the blue of one tone does not have the same effect as that of another, and we'll see each other.

Blue is always among the most relevant of color trends to decorate and for that reason it is always a good choice if you enjoy blue and if you need its qualities of relaxation and comfort for an environment at work or in the office. The feeling of tranquility and serenity makes it perfect for libraries and work offices.

Decorating with blue: blue is recommended anywhere you prefer tranquility and serenity. Dark blue can be perfect in the offices of the original lairs, and libraries where a calm atmosphere is required. The slightly dark blue is ideal in some rooms such as the kitchen or the ironing room, because it gives the feeling of calm, the task is perceived less exhausting by the single effect of the color of the walls.

A light blue color is usually very refreshing and ideal for the bathroom area but it should never be used alone, it should be combined with warm touches of other colors such as yellow streaks or red details, to control the cold sensation that only light blue transmits, the azure blue is perfect for the bedroom, so that we rest, so that we relax. Although we have said two basic tones, such as light blue or dark blue, we must keep in mind the sparkling blue, the electric blue, it is ideal for the children's play area, for the work areas where we might feel bored, for the room where children do homework.

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