For 60 years the company Velux He has dedicated himself to the creation of windows and the search of structural solutions looking for natural lighting, fresh air and quality of life for any home. Its products stand out for their originality and constant innovation, and one of their latest creations has left us speechless.

It is a window that transforms into a balcony in a very simple way. It consists of two leaves, one larger than the upper one and one smaller. When the window remains closed it is in line with the roof but when it opens we discover a little secret.

The top sheet opens 45 º, remaining above our heads like a small roof; and the bottom sheet moves forward unfolding in its path some small side bars and creating a miniature balcony.

In this way the space is better used because we can stand up in this part of the house and peer, with great care, to take in the fresh air, at the same time as sunlight enters the house more strongly.

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