I do not associate neon lights with domestic use but with commercial lighting. If I have to think of a space characterized by its light I would think of a large supermarket, a hospital or a school. As you can infer they are not my favorites and I only use them at home is spaces like kitchen and bathroom because it is necessary; it illuminates more clearly and more intensely than the yellow light bulbs and the aseptic environment that it creates is very well received in those two places.

I do not associate red lights with domestic use but with the lighting of a very special trade that is not usual for me and about which I have reservations and prejudices. I could also associate it with clubs but those that I would never go to. Something about Christmas also uses red lights, but they are very noticeable because of the contrast with green, blue, white and yellow lights. I would not have imagined that a red neon lamp could look as good as the DIAVA model.

Imagen 2

DIAVA, from the Russian design house MANWORKS, is an amazing proposal that mixes the intense light that a fluorescent lamp has with the strong aesthetic presence that a sculpture possesses. This simple but compact bedside lamp is built with two types of glass, one transparent, which sometimes frames and format, and another colored red, which reproduces the shape of a traditional lamp and keeps inside the neon bulb. The result is a powerful and simple fluorescent lamp for the night. Measures 19,5 cm x12, 5 cm x 3 cm. More information on the website www.manworksdesign.com