We are always tempted to commit small sins when the subject is food, dinner or snack; At breakfast we are usually as sober as our refrigerator. Always want a chocolate too much, an XL ice cream in size or a serving of chicken wings, and it's hard to say no when everything is ready to go. But, be careful, it is also important to take some regulatory measures that allow us to reduce the guilt and step up our digestion, improve the appearance of the skin and hair and provide us with vitamins. Let's take vegetables. To the food we ask for an extra vegetable salad and for dinner what about a salad and a steak?

steamed vegetables

In order to prepare the best vegetables, in our house, it is ideal to have a kitchen accessory such as the OSTER STEAM COOKER TRAY. That works as a complement to the MULTIPLE RICE of the same brand. It is great to be able, with the steam that emerges from the cooking of the rice, to manage to prepare at the same time some delicious aubergines. The tray has 1,6 liters capacity, it is easy to wash -even in the dishwasher. This accessory can be purchased on the web page http://www.osterlatinamerica.com or at the OSTER points of sale.