Now that there is little less than a month left for the official entry of spring, it is a good time to start thinking about how can we condition it and put it to the point for the new season. A DIY vertical garden with which decorating any of its walls can be a great project. We tell you how to do it step by step.

vertical garden diyAlthough it is still cold and winter has not said the last word (it will still have to give the last blows), already you breathe a new air. The sun seems to shine brighter and the days are getting a little longer. And is that within a few weeks spring will have made its appearance, at least in the calendar. Be that as it may, soon you will have to tune up your terrace And this DIY vertical garden is just what you need.

You can do it yourself with hardly any difficulty, and you will not need too many materials either. It is a very original idea to put that green touch on the terrace, however small it may be. You just have to build it and hang it on the wall. Easier can not be.

How to build a DIY vertical garden

Do you like the idea? Well then you do not have to think about it anymore, because this work is affordable for everyone: DIY lovers and for those who do not usually practice it. Dadaist the simplicity of the project, It is not necessary that you have experience in building things yourself.

Surely if you are passionate about the do it yourself, surely you will have all the necessary tools, which are not many or very complex. And if you do not have them, you may have found the perfect excuse to complete your Toolbox. Although always You can rent them at the DIY centers. You will need a jigsaw, a drill, an electric screwdriver (you can use a manual one that you have at home), metal scissors, a meter and a stapler.

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In addition, you will also have to get some materials. The centerpiece of the work is an old advantage of wood. You know, the older, the nicer. If you do not have one, you can look for it in demolition stores where they usually have all sizes and shapes.

Buy also some wooden slats, a plywood board, a sheet of wood veneer for the side and a wire mesh. Make yourself with screws and studs, metal brackets, fastening clamps, two fixing plates for hang DIY vertical garden, some plants and substrate or suitable soil for them. You already have everything!

Measure and cut

The first thing you have to do is create a wooden structure to place in the back of the window, and to form the back of the DIY vertical garden. This structure will have to adjust to the shape of your window. Take the necessary steps to do it.

Once the measurements have been made, cut the slats to the appropriate size using the jigsaw. Sergeants will be good to hold the pieces of wood to the work table and can cut more comfortably.

Assemble the structure with screws

Shape the structure of your DIY vertical garden assembling the slats with some screws and the electric screwdriver.

In this case, the structure has four slats that make up the outer frame and two cross pieces that are fastened inside.

Now fixes the plywood board to the slatted structure with the help of the stapler. Before you have to cut it to size using the jigsaw, but you'll see that it is not a difficult task.

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Cut the sheet of wood veneer custom-made, to place it later and hide the sides of the vertical garden. It is fixed to the structure with staples.

Put the wire mesh

The next step is to Staple the wire mesh to the back of the window of wood. This network will serve to hold the plants and the ground of the DIY vertical garden. Trim the excess mesh with special scissors.

It's time Fix the structure of slats to the window. To do it the best thing is to screw some metallic squares to both pieces, as you can see in the image.

Place the wood veneer on the side of the DIY vertical garden and fasten it with staples. It is time to put the fixing plates on the backboard, in order to hang the vertical garden on the wall.

Find a place of honor on the most visible wall

Now make two holes in the place of the wall where you want to hang your vertical garden, and put the appropriate tacos.

You just have to fill in the interior holes with soil and some plants. Water the soil well and hang the garden on the wall. You already have it! A decorative detail of the most natural, fresh and spring.

Photos: Bosch Home & Garden.