Only when it is possible, without having any problem in not being able to do it, we try, as a family, to take a short trip towards the end of the year, just after Christmas and taking advantage of the fact that we are all on vacation. Children have already been home enough time watching TV and for me and my husband it is essential once a year to take a bit of fresh air. Changing the environment is important to me as it is to enjoy everything that surrounds me. My family has a house to the north, near the sea and away from the bustle of the choches.

Last year around these dates we also went on a trip, as well as several friends from neighboring flats. Many to the beach, others to the steppe, others to the mountains, we all returned starting January and there was the bad fortune that the first floor was stolen. They went into his house and took most of the appliances, jewelry and cash. Bad luck and a lot of punishment for everyone.

After that, most of us installed an alarm system in our house in case of forced entrances to the floor. I have the POWERMAX PRO BASIC 868 that is easier to install, since the components are mounted inside, improving the aesthetics and avoiding cables. It is the safest, most advanced and easiest to use system available today. The control panel is designed to give you the greatest security, ease and control, with more security features than any other alarm system. So I travel safely. More information on the Website