The light, the lights, I love, the warm lights that reflect different nuances, crashing against the glass of Murano that turns them into beams of different reflections for their majesty and beauty unique in the world, which they have tried to copy in different countries, without achieving transparency and opaque and superimposed mixtures, also enameled, that these Italian creators work in a special and personal way .lamparamurano

Following the story we discovered that it was in Murano where the first ones were invented mirrors of glass in the year 1500, great invention that influenced the development of the personal image, what would we do without a mirror?

This is a Venetian mirror with crystal applications in different shades, decorates by itself.


Today Murano, the smallest island in Venice (Italy), is the magical island in creation and design, is the cathedral of blown glass, where there are modern factories and craftsmen always dedicated exclusively to polish, shape and work this precious mineral, unique in the way it is worked.

From mirrors, lamps, figures, jewels, bottles, vases, ashtrays, etc., master glassmakers hand-craft a multitude of different items that embellish and decorate our lives, our homes, providing sensations to expand the space, reflecting our image, as complement, giving that original and genuine touch that bears his name.


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