En Decoration 2.0 we love talking about new designs and constructions. That is why today the main theme will be this beautiful Residence. This beautiful architectural construction It has been designed by Carmelo Architects.

Of autrician design, these architects have managed to overcome raising this incredible residence located in Vienna -Rodaun- In this building make a daily life a family, from another urban home.

This dream house is the private home of a young couple and their young son. The family enjoys huge and diaphanous spaces. Visually attractive, the architects manage to transform a space of 500 square meters into a beautiful multi-level residence.

Your simple patio makes dreams come true with a large pool for summer. The housing of 500 square meters is ideal as an urban housing near the center of Vienna.

With a modern style, this residence offers soft and curved shapes. in its design. In addition to their geometric curves, the architects put special emphasis on special elements such as the end of the tail of the swoosh candles, forming small depressions that serve as seats. The furniture is curvilinear and highlights the terrace and the pool also with rounded corners.

The large windows, strategically located, give light to the residence. This house has four levels above the ground and one below ...