vintage desk very stylish for home, is what we suggest today, a perfect way to add a different detail to the room, whether you put it in a corner of the living room or bedroom. If you have a vintage style decoration it will come to you with wonders and if you do not have it, it will look fantastic because of its elegant appearance. We love these details full of special distinction and of course you have also thought about having a functional desk that is very attractive.

vintage desk to decorate
Source: Coqueta House

Decorating with a vintage desk

This vintage desk It is an adorable replica of the desks that used to be used in the past. That you've seen those vintage movies where the protagonist has a cute desk like this one to write her most passionate love letters, is not it? I have personally seen many and as everyone I have envied that beautiful piece of furniture in the bedroom. With English inspiration as indicated by the manufacturers, it is a cute desk with the perfect measurements 80 cm wide, 40 cm tall and 95 cm background.

Wooden vintage desk

This vintage desk It also has the quality of the great details in the drawers, a simply wonderful finish because you already know how much more difficult it is for us to enjoy such a piece of furniture, because every day there are other alternatives of materials that are not so attractive to us. Imagine where you are going to place this desk with poplar, elm and plywood.

Buy a vintage desk

It is true that there is a lot of modernity to add to your office or work zone at home, but a vintage desk It is also add a very special detail. This adorable desk has as you see in the image 6 drawers that will allow you to save everything and have on hand when you deal with accounts at home or work.

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On the inside you have two drawers and as you can see it is a total coquettishness because then you close it when you finish working and it looks so splendid that it would be a pity not to have one now that you want to buy a desk. We have discovered this on the website of Casa Coqueta where you can find much more in vintage furniture.