La Vintage decoration combines the old with the contemporary. Parts of the 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 create a perfect and harmonious contrast to be combined with the comfort, technology and advantages of the contemporary.
The philosophy of the vintage style is based on recovering the old, adapting it, giving it functionality and mixing it or merging it with the modern.

El vintage style, for some time now and has been implemented with great success and popularized in the world, not only decoration, but also in the world of fashion.

vintage dining room

Decorate with vintage style It will allow you to create fun, dynamic and very personal spaces.
If you are interested in decorating some space of your house with vintage style you have to keep in mind that to achieve it you will have to mix furniture and antique elements with others more Modern. In vinatage style decorations it is very common to use wallpaper or decorative paper on the walls with seventies prints. In addition, this type of paper helps create more welcoming environments.

vintage bathroom

There are some elements and decorative key complements in this decorative style:
- Chandeliers are perfect for any space and have the power to "fill" the environment in general.
- The antique sofas upholstered with modern fabrics are also a perfect element in vintage decoration.
- Antique tables combined with modern design chairs.
- Glass objects are also a classic: vases, glasses, kitchen accessories, etc.
- As we have said before, the wallpaper on the walls is ideal.
- Carpets