Wake-up Light HF3407 is the name of the latest Phillips product for the home. By its name we can interpret that it will be a device with light that will serve to get us out of bed because «Wake up»Means« get up »and«Light" it means "light«. Translated into a decorative language or consumer electronics we are talking about an alarm lamp.

Its function is to simulate the dawn inside the bedroom, gradually increasing the light as it gets closer to getting up, during the 30 minutes before. Little by little it reaches the eyes and positively affects the hormones that regulate energy, thus preparing the body to wake up. In this way, the awakening becomes a much more pleasant sensation.

The intensity of the light can be adjusted up to 250 lux. to adapt to each person since each one has a different sensitivity before the light stimuli. In general, a person takes less time to fully wake up when using a light of greater intensity.

At the set time to wake up, you will hear a bird singing or a pleasant beep. Start smoothly and in a minute and a half reach the volume you have selected. The sound gradually increases making the awakening more pleasant, and thus avoiding a sudden awakening.

We can also choose to wake up with the integrated digital FM radio with which to listen to your favorite songs or station every morning. You just have to select your favorite radio station, and it will start to sound at the set time to wake you up, gently at first, and gradually increase the volume for 90 seconds until reaching the level you have selected.

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With what I have trouble waking up in the morning I think this product has been created specifically for me, although I will have to save a bit because I wake up placidly with almost natural light and the song of the birds costs almost 100 €.

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