The Italian brand Ad Hoc has more than 30 different versions of heaters. All have in common the desire to reinvent models and formulas as functional as rich in design and originality.

Innovation is the word of order. The heater formats that we show you are proof of the brand's flexibility in developing and experimenting with new supports to heat our homes, showing that there are no limits to creating the new.

In the latest edition of the furniture show in Italy, the Ad Hoc company presented the most recent versions to the market: Wally, Vintage and Arigató.

Have you seen any collection of this type of heaters?

clip_image002El Wally It is an unforgettable aluminum and steel radiator, with a discreet and innovative design.

It is also the proof that a piece like this can, in addition to fulfilling the function for which it was intended, that is, heating a certain division of the house, conferring a certain harmony to the whole environment through the straight and simple lines that they characterize.

Inserted in the trend of interior decoration that we attend today is that it recovers some classism of other times, so Ad Hoc highlights, from its latest collection of heaters, the model Vintage.

As if before moving forward in the desire to break down barriers in design, the brand felt the need to recreate with all the glamor of the 20 years, the traditional image of the radiator or heater that we have become accustomed to seeing in our parents' house and grandparents.

In this case, innovation is allied to tradition.

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clip_image003 clip_image005 clip_image007

Your choice may fall on the next model. In a completely differentiated style from the previous one, this is a heater that resembles a sequence of vertical lines with a very dynamic final effect and at the same time somewhat refined.

This attractive heater model from the company Ad Hoc, is called Arigató:

clip_image008 clip_image009

Along with these novelties launched at the last furniture fair, in Italy, there are other proposals from the Italian brand to heat your home, creating a comfortable environment.

This is the case of older models such as the Motus or the Mirror.


The company Ad Hoc is still very associated with the image of other heaters that it markets, such as the models: Makura Mod. U, Block and Piggy. The latter is probably the image of the radiator that most identifies with the brand. An ideal model to place under a window, fixed on the floor or on the wall.