Washing up Bowl It is a multipurpose container of the company Normann Copenhagen which can be used for anything and any place since its designer, Ole Jensen, he created it with an ideal material and design to install on any side. For pots, for toys, for magazines, for dishes, for creams or make-up, for anything that comes to mind and has adequate dimensions.


On the one hand, it is built with rubber, manufactured in different colors, hence its flexibility to house different materials. Also for this reason it can withstand high temperatures and humidity. It is also accompanied by a beech wood brush and natural bristles for a proper cleaning that does not damage the product.

Furthermore, the simple design, simple and completely adaptable to any environment and use makes it a totally versatile product. Its size is 28x28x14, large enough to hold objects of different consideration.

Normann Copenhagen stores can be found in Denmark, but there are many other stores where their products are sold, and also online stores, such as Deadria, where we can buy it for 55 €.

Further information: Normann Copenhagen

Vía: decoestilo.com