Big enigmas are about to be revealed in what refers to the day to day of a home. Questions difficult to answer and that would lead to an exhaustive investigation and perhaps the dismantling of a mafia disrupting meter readings. Or that's what I think when the riddles are bills for public services, such as electricity, water, telephone, gas and internet. Every time I see the figure that has to be paid, which increases month by month, I panic and think that I am being robbed by the private companies of which I am addicted and slave, and when I decide to face the breakdown of the bill I suffer collapses multiple from the first line to the last. I do not understand anything, I do not know what strange language is used to measure how many times I have turned on a light bulb or how much water I have heated to make coffee.

In any case, the policy at home is that of saving. We do not light bulbs unnecessarily, dishes are scrubbed with cold water, heating is used at night and early morning, the washing machine is put on when there is enough clothes to do a large wash, the TV turns on when we go to take care of it (we do not use it as ambient sound), computers hibernate, bathtubs only on birthdays and anniversaries, chargers are not connected safely and I only admit the use of the hair dryer for the older girls of 15 years, so I only use it myself.

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There is a useful accessory that calculates the consumption of electrical energy at home and, according to a color coding system, informs about possible waste of electric flow or about the cessation of activities related to lighting, refrigeration, heating, electrical appliances or media. This stylish device helps reduce the monthly energy bill by up to one 25%. The color of the light from the WATTSON energy meter, manufactured by the British house DIY KIOTO, determines the level of consumption that we are making: blue, corresponds to a low level; purple, at the intermediate level, and red at the high. More information on the website