Gardens of the wedding hall in Mabel salons

Everyone, everyone in their style values ​​the decoration and design of spaces in which we live, that is to say in our homes, but we still value more when we attend an event and delight us in the first place with the views of the designs that place offers us. There are designs that speak for themselves, as is the case of the gardens of these wedding halls.

Design of wedding halls in Mabel rooms

We can appreciate how natural materials have been fused to perfection such as floor and stone cladding, with artificial grass to facilitate maintenance and resistance to the type of use that is given. It is also played with green spaces, areas with flowers and trees, all illuminated with indirect lights. The culmination of an attractive design are the sources that relax and give freshness in an environment that gains much in splendor at nightfall.

These wedding halls are located in Alcázar de San Juan in Ciudad Real, they are called Mabel Lounges and the gardens are works of Viveros Ferca, we also recommend that you visit the online gardening shop of Viveros Ferca.