The curtains for doors Today's exteriors are more than the traditional rows of plastic combs that we saw installed in the entrances of the bars.

Technology has provided them with a series of functional and decorative advantages that the user like you, who needs to buy them to measure or standardized, is beginning to appreciate more and more.

This is due to the very complete information on the door curtain that exists in specialized sites such as, where we permanently transmit price novelties, technical features or decorative tips.

All you have to do is take a look at the great evolution of the curtains for doors in 100 formats, functional and with a high decorative capacity.

Those pvc combs crimped by wire that we saw in kitchen steps are still valid with very affordable prices. And they have also entered the scene several elements that structure them.

The small aluminum hooks of already traditional colors are now even lighter.

These metal strips are ideal for steps to back rooms or semi-reserved dependencies in business premises where curtains for doors are needed transmitting from their location some bright chromed reflections.

The lines of tears and the plastic tapes or the transparent helical strips with colors injected into their core, are also not only decorative formats but also, effective anti-fly solutions.

In addition, they all have a wide range of curtains for doors with shades of colors that you can buy fixed or combinable and are perfectly manageable online.

On the last mentioned and serving as an example, we will talk about the most charismatic we have in the sample of

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Curtains for plastic doors

There are many and varied models of exterior curtains for doors that we can manufacture in different types of plastic.

We highlight among them the model "Indra" which is composed of wide double line tapes that make it an excellent thermal insulator apart from an effective anti-fly.

Precisely for these last properties are excellent in steps to kitchen or for patio, terrace, balcony or any exit to the outside.

But the best feature is undoubtedly the incredible discount you have in our online store. We recommend it if you plan to buy your door curtain.

The model "Elena" is an excellent example among curtains for outdoor doors.

Their pvc helical strips perfectly make the filter against flying insects by their curved format and you can choose up to 3 colors to create your ideal combination.

Our proposal of uprights in this outdoor model reaches up to seven shades of color, two of them with a highly realistic appearance.

The "Hana" model is presented in plastic strips both double line and single, so it is an excellent help to save energy while maintaining the interior temperature of the room.

Apart from its excellent price and being able to be requested to measure, it also proposes up to 8 different shades of colors for door curtains in bands of oval volume, very showy when receiving the light from the immediate exterior.

Another model worthy of mention in our catalog is «India», which belongs to the group of curtains for doors made of rigid PVC.

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It is an ideal device because it is as effective as it is aesthetic, which apart from saving you expenses on insecticides will gladden the place of your location with its exotic appearance.

Curtains for Aluminum doors

The curtains for doors form a large family whose manufacture is based mainly on the three types of materials already mentioned.

Those made of aluminum continue to be highly requested by online users.

Among the main reasons are how hygienic curtains are for entry doors to communicate outside as filters of steps to the kitchen and inside the premises dedicated to food.

Excluding these metallic strips devices its chromatic facet for decoration by the large number of optional tones that exist, we will mention two models of which make up the sample of

The first among the metal exterior curtains we want to tell you about is the "ZB".

It corresponds to the curtains for doors of double strips and is made with an upright of 100 holes per meter, enough to give it an important density that makes it an important anti-fly filter.

To be able to buy it personalized, you only have to enter your individual product menu to enter the dimensions of the height and width of the place where you are going to place it, bearing in mind that the width can not be greater than 180 cm.

The fall in cascade of the strips of this door curtain hanging from the upright gives it a very elegant and colorful appearance and thanks to its double line provides greater privacy.

Other models that we want to highlight are the ZB as simple strips.

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These curtains for doors can also be purchased without making a large outlay as their prices in our online store have discounts of up to 50% over their usual price.

It is a device for outdoor very light and like the PVC have easy maintenance and cleaning.

How to install curtains for doors

The installation of curtains for doors is one of the simplest tasks that can arise at home even if they are outdoors.

Let's take as an example the installation of a curtain for doors of metal; of external and internal location, both to the ceiling and to the wall with its aluminum upright.

1- Ceiling installation

To get a correct installation of your door curtains on the roof, we will use open eyebolts for the door and we will help with tacos to fix them securely.

When opened, we can hook the curtain upright from the top with a brief gesture of inclination.

2- Wall installation

For an optimal installation on the wall of your door curtains, place the hooks and hang the curtain strut on them.

You can make some holes in the top part of the upright so that the hooks pass.

Make sure the hooks are large enough to reach the top of the upright.

Your door curtains are already installed!