The custom made curtains they save you the problems that can arise when trying to properly frame them in their place of location, whether it is a window or a door.

The custom-made curtains they have the previous measurement of their gap with the appropriate margins. With the standardized type you run the risk of having to rectify them.

You should know that good specialty stores provide you with the means to make this measurement management easy and effective.

In Puntogar for example, in addition to a chat service for the client in which you can make your queries, they have quick guides in pdf that are very intuitive and easy to follow since they explain each step-by-step process with images.

In large areas you can request information about them directly from the personnel in charge, as is the case, for example, with the Ikea roller blinds. This well-known brand specialized in bricolage, gardens and home puts means at your disposal so that you can provide yours.

However, the specialization of this great brand is the direct attention in their facilities and even if you can order them yourself, it is much easier to receive your custom roller blinds in your own home, from where you could previously order them with total comfort.

How to measure blinds?

However we are going to give you here a very basic summary of how the previous measurements of the holes where your roller blinds will go are achieved, but we recommend consulting these guides where the information includes several different cases:

To properly attach your roller blind, you must take as a base the upper outer end of the profile or frame of your window and count ten or fifteen centimeters vertically upwards. Mark to right and left and the resulting line that joins both marks determines the top height of the blind.

Repeat the same action with the lower profile making the vertical down to mark the corresponding points.

Mark the same distances horizontally with the lateral profiles as the base on the right and on the left.

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Roller blinds prints

The roller blinds stamped are always at the forefront of trends in home decoration, since the user especially if they are custom-made blinds always want a decoration that denotes good taste and topicality in the home environment.

These custom-made blinds often have their type of decoration depending on the people who use these rooms, children being as you well know, those who monopolize the most vivacious prints or very dynamic themes almost always linked to comic book characters and films.

For this reason you should know that in the best online stores of household items there is usually a printing service where you can make your blinds printable by printing on them the colors and shapes that most combine with the area of ​​the home in which be.

In this way, trends are established in these prints, leaving the most combinable fixed colors in the living room, and natural motifs or still lifes of the culinary environment in the kitchen.

There are swatches at your disposal that help you decide the type of adornment or color tone that can best go to your furniture and walls or you also have the option of providing the photo that you like to make a replica by sublimation.

Opaque roller blinds

Opaque roller blinds due to their special characteristics, make up another of the large groups among which we can classify the wide range that custom blinds can cover.

In this type, your decision towards the standardized format is always available, but in this case, custom made blinds are always more advisable given the attributes that these models have.

With them there is no middle ground in transparencies. As they go down or up, they cancel out or give way to light. Therefore they are indicated in rooms such as bedrooms or projection rooms where you may need even in broad daylight.

We must also mention other physical characteristics such as thermal because they are excellent heat insulators or the sensation of safety that transmit the fireproof properties they have that can reach the "1 class certificate".

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In addition, despite having necessarily more microns of thickness in your fabric, far from looking like they can cost more, they are also cheap roller blinds whose cost will reduce even more in time and displacement if you can buy them online.

Necessarily they must be roller blinds, since that type of fabric can not go through rods or pleated due to the tightness that needs once extended.

Roller blinds night and day

Roller blinds night and day is what you need if you need to modulate the light of a room in your house at your whim. Therefore, the fact that they are made-to-measure curtains plays a very important role.

Structurally, said custom blinds consists basically of two sets of semi-opaque or opaque and translucent strips superimposed.

As you want less light, you can regulate the dark bands interposed to the translucent and gradually and so you can modulate the decrease in light until you get what you need.

If you want the opposite effect you just have to proceed the other way around.

The stripes can be tricolor and also go with or without receiver drawer. Another option that you can also shuffle in this type of roller blind custom is to acquire it in its "without drilling" format, which makes it much more comfortable in its installation.

There are varied and very specific catalogs of them in specialized online stores, such as Puntogar; in them you can find a sufficient amount of visual information and with complete confidence, ask for them online.

Roller blinds screen

The blinds roller screen constitute a genre between the devices for doors and windows that covers by far the vast majority of the blinds as we see today in the business of promoting household items.

Among them, the most prominent are the blinds made to measure for the simple thing that is to break them into pieces cut to the customer's need for packaging and shipping.

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They are named after the material they are made of: an innovative technologically advanced fabric with very advantageous features for your comfort and safety. For these reasons they are considered as the most modern.

Even for maintenance and cleaning are advantageous, since this fabric repels dust particles and your so-called roller blinds can be completely clean with few passes of a cloth moistened in soapy water.

As online blinds you have a lot of them to choose from in the internet world and thanks to that you can buy the basic models, they also become very cheap.

The formats of this type of roller blind also have a great diversity covering an interesting range of measurements ranging from the 60 the smallest and the 100 cm width the largest to the 275 and the 400 cm height.

Translucent roller blinds

The translucent roller blinds are designed to receive light from the exterior without losing decorative features inside. Like most, they can be custom-made blinds.

Transparency is another of the advantages with which the extraordinary screen fabric plays and this type of blinds made to measure plays with it making from the outside the privacy of your home is preserved and they do not see you, allowing at the same time that the stays they are sufficiently illuminated.

The color or illustration you can buy for this type of custom roller blinds play an important role when combined with the tones you have chosen.

And it is that a custom-made shade of these characteristics floods the whole room with its tone in a particular way. That is why it is convenient that previously with a test of the shade of the fabric of the roller blind that the same online stores can send you to measure if you request it, check that the combination of light and walls or furniture is what you want.