Windows Refrigerator It is an intelligent refrigerator that will allow us to save energy through an innovative technology. How?

Well, it uses a logical and simple system: a transparent crystal. The door of the refrigerator is opaque at first, but at the touch of a button the electricity begins to circulate on the surface and causes it to become translucent, seeing its interior. The purpose of this system is to avoid the repeated action of opening the refrigerator again and again and for minutes to see what is inside and decide what we want to take.

In this way we see in advance what is inside the refrigerator and only open the time we need to catch the food and close again, thus avoiding the energy expenditure produced by opening and closing several times. In addition, for a better visualization of the interior, the refrigerator is structured with a rotation system so that around a central tube there are trays that rotate and show the food they contain.

Window Refrigerator is an idea of Yoon jung Kim Jong rok Lee.

Vía: Yanko Design