The holidays are here and we all like to go on a trip, even if it's a couple of days. The problem of the escapes are the queues, caravans and You wait for long hours at the airport. If you are one of the people who love to travel but it does not take well this wait ... today I propose a solution for it a suitcase!

This suitcase is neither classic nor normal ... incredible as it may seem of her we can take out a sofa! If a sofa for two people where you can wait for time to pass comfortably while we rest, doze or take a deep nap.

The young Dutch designers Erik De Nijs and Tim Smit They took the endless waits in a matter of trips very seriously. Erik and Tim realized the number of people who used their suitcases to support themselves or sit on top; Then they came up with a great idea. Why not make some suitcases that, when combined, become a sofa?

In this way, this incredible set consisting of 4 suitcases; each of them has a shape and a place assigned to it, so when we need a sofa each one will be placed according to its assignment.

Separately, they are somewhat exotic and extravagant; This is due to their respective forms as these are what will give body and "life" to the sofa. The set is made up of four suitcases of different colors and textures.

The set consists of two small pieces, ideal as hand luggage where to locate all the objects and equipment that we need to keep closer. The other two suitcases are of gsize where we will put the bulk of the luggage.

If you want to get more information enter the web or in dezeen now the waits will no longer be what they were thanks to this comfortable and ingenious sofa!