If the house it has enough space for it, normally it is enabled an individual space destined to the cleaning and care of clothes and textiles. A space in which, of course, the washer. However, in many occasions the space is not enough and the washing machine must be located, necessarily, in other spaces for other tasks, such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

the washing machine in the bathroom

If your washing machine is destined for you bath and, in addition, the bathroom is not too large, then I show you some 'tips' that will help you achieve a comfortable and functional decoration without sacrificing aesthetics in your bathroom:

  • If your washing machine is front loading, you can place a shelf on it that will help you take advantage of the space that is free at the top.
  • If, on the contrary, your washing machine is of superior load, logically you will have to leave a space that allows the opening of it. However, you can also choose to include some shelves or a piece of furniture on the wall.
  • Many times there are also spaces or gaps in the sides of the washing machine. To make the most of the space you can include baskets, carts ... You can use to place clean clothes, dirty clothes, etc.
  • Keep in mind that all that you put on the shelves will be visible. If you are not too orderly, I advise you to distribute all the products, accessories, materials and objects that you are going to place on the shelves, distribute them in decorative boxes or baskets. In this way, if everything is not ordered, eviatrás unless the disorder is in sight. Keep in mind that the bathroom is a space that should promote relaxation and clutter does not contribute to it.