The lamp WTF Lamp it has the peculiarity of being able to illuminate on the contrary that the rest of lamps: the light radiates from the support and not from the light bulb. It is an idea of ​​the French designer John Nouanesing and for now it is a prototype that has not yet been commercialized.

wtf lamp

Its operation is very simple: the body of the lamp is made of a consistency similar to methacrylate and is practically transparent, and inside there is a high-performance bulb installed.

Thus, when lighting the lamp what will light will be all the interior of the body, the support, and being semi-transparent will not see the inner bulb but we will appreciate a halo of light that will offer a curious contrast with the screen.

More information: John Nouanesing

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  1. A very original lamp, enhances the contrast with the lamp on the screen.

    A greeting.

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