Yes, I am a lover, passionate, obsessively engaged in music. I need it all day, to feel relaxed, to be happy, to liven up my bad moments and oversize the good ones. The alarm on my alarm clock, which at the same time serves as a camera, portable music device, video recorder, calendar and mobile phone, is one of my favorite songs; A little sugarcane, yes, I have chosen it so that it really wakes me up.

After the songs are quiet during breakfast, something stronger to avoid the subway conversations, a single very energetic to accompany me while I run the mini marathon from the subway station to my office because I'm always late. At lunchtime I listen to something soft, of walking to my house-after work-I listen to about five songs from above and when I arrive I connect with a repertoire that moves between jazz, contemporary electronica and English rock . All day, every day, I'm partying. I recommend it, it makes me very happy.

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As I have no qualms about recognizing that I am a musician-addict, I have decided to take it very seriously and make a tribute to me and AMN 350 cd (picking carefully selected) buying the most wonderful bookshelf for records I've seen in the last week. It is, in short, a sculpture of the treble clef that has in its main body the bookshelf and in its more rounded part a speaker that allows to reproduce the music without having to go far. Its black color and shiny finish gives a youthful and very rocky look to my living room. My children love my husband too: soon we will have three at home. More information on the Website