tumanitasLooking for new furniture and proposals to bring our readers closer together, we have found an interesting proposal in the network that consists, basically, of agreeing with clients in need of a reform or another type of work with the construction companies that are dedicated to this purpose.

Your Handyman is a website in which anyone who needs to do a masonry work find the right professional and the budget that best suits your needs, at the same time that the company finds a job to do, so scarce in these times.

The operation is very simple. The client publishes on the web the conditions of the work he wants to carry out, such as integral reforms, of some room, of gardens, painting, plating, etc .... in the text, the project to be carried out must be detailed as thoroughly as possible, including the materials that are to be used. Once the offer has been published, the professionals will receive an alert that indicates that a new job has been published, and from there they will take pains to prepare a personalized offer.


More handymen with presence on the web can also see the publication of this new work so that the individual will have a wide range of budgets to choose from. Being public budgets, all professionals will be able to compare their project with those of the rest and thus adjust it to be more competent, with what the average price of the budget can go down.

From here the individual must choose a budget or none, and if you choose it does not have to be the cheapest, but the one that most convinces you in terms of approach, professionalism, quality, materials, etc ... see other jobs and made by "the handyman" will also help the decision. Once the budget is chosen, the work is awarded and Tu Manitas contacts the two interested parties to begin the work. In this way the individual has saved money and the professional has got a new job. Mission accomplished.

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And you, do you have any pending reform? If you still do not finish convincing yourself you can take a look at the works and budgets already published.

Further information: Your Handyman

Vía: Decoracion.in


  1. good afternoon I wanted to thank the collaboration of your handyman, I asked for a budget to build a villa, they sent me very good construction and renovation professionals dany, that I built a very cute villa and I am very happy. thanks greetings.

  2. Habiti ssimo is the guide of works and reforms on the Internet whose main objective is to connect individuals with professionals and companies.

    Habiti ssimo allows you to publish requests for construction budgets and reforms so that 5 companies can contact you and send you their quotes.

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