A game room is a very important space if you have children at home. To put it right, it is not enough to empty a room and fill it with toys. It is necessary to think very well how to furnish and decorate it to make it the most appropriate playground, according to the age of the children and their concerns. Otherwise, they will not want to be there and the failure will be resounding. We tell you some ideas to organize the game room and hit the bullseye.

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If you are lucky enough live in a big house, in which there is no shortage of rooms, it is a great idea to allocate one of them to the children's playroom. Thus, separating the bedroom from the area to be and play, we manage to keep the spaces more organized and the routines are established not only linked to the schedule, but also to the place where they are developed.

A perfect play room must be, first of all, a practical and functional space that serves the essential purpose: namely, to offer children the perfect place to enjoy and perform the activities they most like to do when they are not sleeping or doing their homework.

cuarto de juegos
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To get it and turn that room you have empty into an authentic playroom for your children, it is important to get that the space suits them, depending on the age they have and the things they like to do the most. This way you will make the playroom become your favorite place in the house and spend hours there doing just what best suits your physical and mental development: play.

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A game room that is safe

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It is the first requirement that any playground must fulfill: that it meets the measures of child safety appropriate, as the rest of the house (and even more, if possible, since in this room children will spend a lot of time and the goal is that they can entertain themselves). This point is more important if the age of the children is shorter.

In addition to checking and plugging the plugs, it is important to make sure that furniture, chest of drawers and shelves are well anchored to the wall. You know what children like to climb ... This way you will avoid being thrown over them.

Put a large fluffy carpet that cushions the possible falls, and always watches the window, placing a security lock if necessary. You already know that safety comes first.

The best solutions to save

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From the moment we think of a game room, we all visualize that space at the end of the day and in our mind appears an image of CHAOS with capital letters. The opposite would be the truly strange. However, as much as children mess up everything when playing, we have to think about providing them with the storage solutions more practices so they can collect at the end.

Think that the easier you put it, the better results you will get. That's why we have to place furniture, boxes or hangers, according to the type of toys and objects to be stored. Put them at your height so that they learn from the beginning to pick up and can do it by themselves.

Do not miss a corner to read

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It does not matter if the game room is large and spacious or smaller. It is very important that you include a reading corner with comfortable seats and some bookshelf to save the books and stories. It is the easiest way to encourage love of reading.

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Also, it does not take much. Mattresses on the floor can be used, and a small bookcase or a bookcase to which they have access is sufficient. Think about solutions that can grow with your child, since more and more books will be stored.

The important is bet on books in the game room, and try to keep out all kinds of screens. An age will come when you find it really difficult to achieve this, but take advantage while the children are small.

Free space is a treasure

cuarto de juegos
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A game room has to be a room diaphanous and spacious, as far as possible. Whatever your size, do not fill it with furniture. It is not necessary. The important thing is that children have free space to play.

Try to place some furniture attached to the walls and Leave the central space as clear as possible. That way they will have greater freedom of movement.

For the most active

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If you have square meters to spare, and your children are those who do not stop for a minute, then you can think of putting an exercise zone, as if it were a park.

And there are children who need a lot, but a lot of activity. Jumping and running is your natural state. If you enable them a space to exercise in the playroom they will thank you, and much.

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There are endless solutions for children who do not stop, always without forgetting security, of course. From turning a wall of the room into an improvised climbing wall, place structures on which to climb or, even, a small slide.

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Foster the passion for art

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If your children they love to paint, to draw and all or related to the artistic and artistic expression, can not be missing in the playroom an area to develop these activities. Search a suitable table and a space to store the materials.

In the playroom, the children's activities are largely what set the tone. Let yourself be guided by them and for his style of play at the time of decorating it and you will guess for sure.