If you love what Back, today we have a magnificent proposal to offer you. Simply put on your walls some pictures like these, in essence is to take the same image and make a zoom where we like, this time in the mouth and eyes. Then they have mounted on a base and decorated a great corner with them.

retro pictures to decorate

In this way our home will not require large sums of money invested in the decor that we like more and, we will learn to give perhaps that touch that we look for. The materials that have been used have been some wooden bases in the shape of a circle, if you want look for them in different sizes. Then some photocopies, in black and white, of photographs that we like.

In addition we will need some vinyl glue, to adhere the images to the base and to give shine too, then water varnish and some hooks to be able to hang the pictures in our favorite corner.

Remember to choose the images or photographs that you like, make photocopies to different sizes and highlighting the parts, in this case, of the face you want. Then we cut the photocopies - you can also print them - according to the measurements of the woods.

Now add glue to the circular bases and adhere the photos. Let dry very well and varnish the pictures, so we will protect them from dust and impurities, lasting much longer. To finish place the hooks and place them on the wall you want. We can also use yarn or tanza for it.