We already presented you some of the proposals of Zara Home for decorate home, and today we have more practices and attractive news. Today is bedding especially designed for the warm days of spring, but of course you can prolong the colors and styles until summer. Because these Zara Home options for decorate the house in summer, They are full of originality and are of high quality.

Most of all thinking about the bedroom decoration, and trying to combine fashionable outfits with daily needs, Zara Home proposes white bedding that is fresher for summer rigor, or in solid colors of pink or lilac, among others. That we can combine with the floral printed sheets, a very relevant trend of the 2012.

Of course, if what you want is not the floral prints you can opt for the solid color and color the cushions and cushions. You can use as many cushions as you want in the decor and they are not only comfortable but also versatile. They also give a cheerful contrast when you reserve for them the colorful pattern and for the rest of the bed the solid color.

You can also make great changes to the curtains, as we have already told you in other posts, but the bedroom implies special attention because we want you to look guaapo and we want it to be cozy above all to be cool to cope with the warm days of summer, and therefore ideal to sleep calmly when the heat seems to be intolerable. For others in Zara there are always attractive things for home and season.

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Take the opportunity to renew the towels at home, and make flirty summer towels with the latest Zara for the days of sun and sea that are coming and clear hats and all kinds of accessories that are needed.