Ciudad Real is a province of Spain located in Castilla-La Mancha. It has a total of 522.343 inhabitants according to the INN of 2008 and occupies an extension of 19.813 km2 distributed among its 102 municipalities. It limits to the north with Toledo, to the northeast with Cuenca, to the east with Albacete to the south with the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén and to the West with Badajoz.

Some of the most populated municipalities of the province are: Puertollano, Alcázar de San Juan, Manzanares, Tomelloso Valdepeñas or Daimiel.

Its capital is the Ciudad Real, with a population that reaches the 90.000 inhabitants due largely to the large number of students, although not all are registered. In addition, the city is linked urbanistically with the neighboring town of Miguelturra with which it forms a demographic continuum or conurbation of more than 100.000 inhabitants.

In the 1255 years, King Alfonso X El Sabio named it Villa-Real, since before it was considered as a village and it was called Pozo Seco de Don Gil. Later, in 1420 the King of Castile, Juan II grants him the title of City in reward for his support in the dynastic civil war against the Military Orders, granting him shield with the legend "Very noble, very Leal". In 1691 was named capital of the Province of La Mancha at the time it was created. It was in 1833 when the Province of Ciudad Real was created.

Among the things that can be visited in Ciudad Real is the Alarcos hill, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Prado, Puerta de Toledo or the old convent of the Mercedarios.

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