Province Orense / Ourense It is located northwest of Spain, located in the southeast part of the autonomous community of Galicia. It borders on the west with Pontevedra, on the north with Lugo, on the east with León and Zamora and on the south with Portugal. Its capital is the city of Ourense.

It occupies a surface of 7.273 km2 and is the only province of Galicia without exit to the sea. Its population is 336.099 inhabitants of which 31,85% live in the capital.

The predominant industry in the province is food, among which the Coren factory and the wine industry stand out. Another of the most important sectors is that of fashion, with native designers such as Roberto Verino, Adolfo Domínguez or Purificación García. Even with these data, the second province with the lowest per capita income, only exceeded by Cuenca in income.

Among the things we can see is the Cathedral of San Martín, Chapel of Os Remedios, Church of Sana Maria Naí, the Liceo de Orense -Palacio de los Oca Valladares, Archaeological Museum of Ourense or the Medieval Bridge.

The Zara Home stores in Orense can be found in:

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