Zip-Up Chair It is a curious functional furniture that also saves space designed by. It is a concept similar to the one we have seen on our website, furniture that remains hidden and that can perform various functions when used. It is the essence of functional furniture, designed to save space and make life easier.

The model is formed by a structure that contains in its interior a lot of giant swabs (it has several meanings in the dictionary, but perhaps the closest to this use is "toothpick coated with cotton on its tips for personal hygiene. pique fiber, used to whiten or paint walls).

The swabs are stored inside this structure or bag closed by a zipper. From here you can take several forms. As we found it is a perfect stool for the auxiliary tables, to use in a meeting.

If we open the zipper a bit, we see that the swabs begin to expand, and if we bend them down we will find that a small armchair with a backrest is formed.

Finally, if we open the zipper to the bottom, we can completely unwind the structure forming an improvised mattress on which to lie down to nap or read a book.

In any of the three forms the softness of its components will make the structure very comfortable.

Once we do not use it, it can be easily stored in a closet, loft, behind a door or left as a decoration.

Vía: Yanko Design