It is time to change our habits to improve them and there is something we can do that would really benefit us and also fill us with taste and satisfaction. Drinking juices is a custom that we must include in the passing of our day; of orange, apple, pear, watermelon, melon, banana, strawberry. Fruits provide us with many vitamins and fiber. We could even experiment with new flavors such as guavas, mangoes and the fruit of passion. In the morning it is convenient to take one with breakfast and in the other meal as a soda or as a dessert.


It is known that juices are beneficial as well as that preparing them is complicated and, in addition to having to remove the skin from fruits, it is essential to have a blender, famous for being giant, noisy and expensive.

For our benefit the design house IDEA LOGIC has created for CUISINART a new blender that brings together the best of elegant Italian design with the latest advances in technology and creates a functional, compact and resistant machine. Internal details such as its reduced and silent motor, the isolated electrical wiring system, the new temperature control and the variety of speeds and functions, make it an excellent alternative to make juices a reality of our daily life. Visit and acquire it now.